Prof. Abhijeet Chavan

Prof. Abhijeet Chavan

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor


Pursuing Ph.D in Marketing Management

M.B.A., M.Com.


Research paper

Research paper 1: Abhijeet Chavan, Dr. Sujata Joshi, “Relationship Marketing in Healthcare: A Literature Review Analysis of Past, Present and Future in Private Hospitals”, Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development (Scopus Indexed), ISSN: 0976-5506, (May 2019)

Research paper 2: “Healthcare Marketing – Time to Change”, Handbook of Management and Behavioural Science, ISBN:978-81-89547-52-3

Research paper 3: “Healthcare Marketing”, Paridnya – The MIBM Research Journal, ISSN: 2347-2405

Research paper 4: “Customer Relationship Management An Opportunity or Burden: A Healthcare Service”, IJCRT, ISSN:2320-2882, Impact Factor: 5.97.


Teaching experience:  12 Years

Industry experience: 1 Year


Introduction to Event Management, Principles of Marketing, Information Communication and Technology, Principles of Event Planning