Dr. Gautam Bapat

Dr. Gautam Bapat

Head of School & Professor

Greetings to all young minds inspired and motivated to change the world. Welcome on behalf of the Faculty of Management’s School of Management UG. The world has seen great disruption in terms of its functioning due to Covid-19 pandemic. This description underlined the importance of being agile. In the post covid era it is going to be extremely important and relevant for every Management School to discover and deeply understand the concepts of Management and their applications to drive, which will enable the institutions to create insightful and disciplined leaders who will have the capacity to have a positive impact on the world. At the School of Management UG, we have a team of expert mentors who thrive every minute of their life to bring this positive change to the students.

At school Management UG we not only try to create good citizens for the country but we try to create leaders who have the character and competence. School tries to bring in the managerial education aspect with the understanding which goes beyond making students understand how important it is to stay away from the vices like lying or cheating. Schools motivate students through different activities like student clubs and forums to bring value to what they are studying. At the School of Management UG, we focus more on giving students an experience that would help them shape their careers. In the post Covid-19 era, the world has become a place that is changing very fast. The world has become so dynamic that the problems that the world is facing right now would need the participation of every individual. Keeping in mind the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, the School of Management UG centres all its activities.

We firmly believe that good leaders can bring in the much needed change in the world to tackle some of the extreme problems the world is facing right now. Businesses led by sensitised and conscious leaders would certainly make and would have a positive impact, this motivates School to bring in exports from all walks of life to interact with students in various guest lectures and seminars.

I would like to welcome all to the unique experience that School of Management UG is ready to share with you.