Dr. Deependra Sharma

Dr. Deependra Sharma

Dean – SoM (UG)

My dear Leaders of Tomorrow,

Today we are dwelling in a very exciting as well as challenging time where innovation & technology have become an integral part of every aspect of life and have made the world more integrated in nature resulting in globalisation of economies. This growing globalisation of the economies has led to an elevated quest for universal leaders having the knowledge, attitude, flexibility, and skills to succeed in the factual world. Such result oriented, high performers are demanded by the corporates who have the potential to work effectively and efficiently in a highly diversified cultural environment.

SOM-UG is dedicated to transform you into the leaders who will fill this demand by offering a teaching-learning experience that is contemporary, industry oriented and pertinent to the current needs. It is our endeavour is to develop an eco-system conducive for the creation of a learning environment that is both competitive and nurturing. We encourage you to have your opinion, to question the existing systems, to be inquisitive and have the guts to speak out your mind.

Although my entire team of dedicated and highly qualified faculty members along with the supporting staff will always be there with you but you will agree with me that ultimately it is a responsibility of the individual to LEARN. Glory does not come easy. You will be pushed to your limits not only by the high-calibered and experienced faculty but also by dynamic peer groups. Be assured of a quality education with quite a rigour that will prepare you for the real battles in the real world.

At SOM-UG we are very clear with what we want our students to be. We want you to be a successful manager or a CEO or a COO but before that we want that you should be a good human being with strong values, high ethical standards and strong characters. To ensure this we offer a unique course on Peace, Yoga etc. We ensure that your development is holistic in nature, and you enjoy every moment at SOM-UG. I assure you that you are going to have life-transforming experience with us

Be polite, be courteous, be humble but be firm.

Dr. Deependra Sharma